Product Description

Ladies you wanting to see that scale number drop and see goal weight of yours pop up on that scale? This program is for those looking to shed those pounds and drop those pant sizes!!! Not only will you see that scale number drop but you feel healthier and full of energy you didn’t know you could have. Healthy fun recipes with calorie burning exercises. We can’t wait to see your transformation story!

Write to us your personal struggles along the way and how fitness has changed your life. We will set small achievable goals in front of you to ensure the BIG GOAL is met. We care about our clients success here at Trainer2Go.

This is a monthly subscription (drafted the first of every month)

You Ready!

On the 1st of every month be ready to receive custom Workout Routines pertaining to your fitness goal upon the questionnaire you complete directly after purchase.  Trainer2Go is going to be taking all the guess work out of the gym.  To establish that all your needs are meet all we ask here at Trainer2Go is you visit the MEMBER’S ONLY tab (at the top of the web site) and send us your current weight and fitness goal on the 20th of every month.  All we ask for is ONE DAY a month minimum of communication from you the member to us your coaches!

Product Contains:

  • Custom Calendar Of Daily Activity
  • Custom Workouts With Result Building Exercises
  • Custom Cardio Routines
  • Assessment Sheet (Weight Chart For Weekly Weigh In’s / Body Fat And Circumference Measurements Chart)

The Program will be delivered within 2-3 business days.

*There is a 15 day cancelation policy. Or you will be charged for the up coming payment.