How It Works

We create plan. You follow plan. It’s that simple!

Planning an effective routine and diet takes time and effort, and can ultimately be distracting from your fitness goals. Not any more.

Trainer2Go is here to relieve you of this burden!

We will create the perfect routines and diet programs based on your needs so YOU can focus what really matters. Whether you’re looking to cut down the pants size or pack on the muscles, Trainer2Go is your custom road map to reaching your fitness destination. No more guess work, just follow the plan set before you!

But how does it work??

Simple. On the 1st of every month you will receive Brand New Workouts AND Custom Diet Plans to ensure you stay on the right path to obtain, no, exceed your fitness goals.

Why every month?

Well, the body, being the incredible meat-machine that it is, will have adjusted to the current plans, making them less efficient for muscle growth and fat burning. Trainer2Go switches up your diet and exercise program each month to place new stresses on the body, forcing learn and grow once again. No more dreaded plateaus!

What does it include?

Our programs contain the following:

  • Custom Calendar outlining your daily and weekly assignments.
  • Custom Workouts designed to fit your fitness goals.
  • Calorie Burning Cardio Routines that don’t burn muscle.
  • Custom and Tasteful (Easy To Prep) Diets
    • Every meal is broken down for you.
  • Assessment Sheet. Contains:
    • Weight Chart For Weekly Weigh In’s /
    • Body Fat And Circumference Measurements Chart
  • Charts for tracking your progress

What’s the age limit?

There are NO age restrictions when it comes to becoming a member of Trainer2Go. We welcome all ages when it comes to anyone wanting to better themselves and create a healthier you.

Now I’m excited! Where do I sign up?

You can check out all our programs here! We’re excited to be a part of your journey to a strong, healthier, happier you!